We've just got to thank one and all for making The Irish Soul Weekender the success it proved to be. The DJs, our helpers,the good people at The Hotel Westport and most importantly of all; the people who put their trust  in our project and paid good money to come along for the ride.

There were a number of things we felt could have been done better and if we do it all again, they will certainly be attended to. There's a whole lot of things we'd like to add and refine too. If you have any thoughts on the experience then we would really love to hear from you.

There have been an overwhelming number of positive reviews and we can't help wondering how much better it could have been if Storm Ciara hadn't taken the toll it did.

Right now though, we are in the process of reviewing everything. We aim to come up with a weekend that's even better, offers more with more flexibility for people - all at an even more competitive price. But for a start....well it wasn't too bad at all!

If you haven't already done so, please register for updates below and we'll keep you informed of all developments.